Thursday, May 27, 2010


While I am grateful for all the benefits that technology has to offer...

there is nothing that drives me more crazy than when it fails us.

Like when I try for an hour to connect to the internet and my laptop continues to say "limited connection" or "try again."

Or when I set a show to record on the DVR, and the TV has other plans for me. Thank goodness for!

And chances are, if I'm on the phone with you and our call is dropped or the service is bad I will act pretty upset with you. I know it's not your fault, but it is so annoying to me. Please don't be offended.

It's also frustrating when I can't get pictures to download properly, excel crashes at work, or emails refuse to leave my outbox.

When all else fails I guess we should revert to "old times". Just as our landlord did this week with a special "snail mail" delivery...

How thoughtful was it of her to send us a cookie bouquet as a housewarming gift? Yummm-o!

Monday, May 24, 2010

weekend warrior

This weekend was pretty fabulous. 

I definitely made use of my time and took full advantage of my days off. I love that feeling.

I got to spend time with family on Saturday ~ so happy to see my grandparents and show them around my new city {I use the term "new" lightly as somehow I've survived here for nearly a YEAR! Wow!}.

My brother succeeded in cracking me up while he was here and my grandma shared the same relentless sweet tooth that I have, thereby convincing the whole family to snag some Graeters. Delish.

Sunday was a perfect, productive, relaxing day. Woke up and the roommate and I ate breakfast on the screened in porch in beautiful weather. Went on an hour long jog. Established a base sunburn. Lunch again on the patio. Pool time. Severe sunburn. Good book. Old lady gossip. New sandals. Dinner out. All followed by a night in freshly laundered sheets.

My Monday was not so fab. My car is now in the shop after driving to and from work with a death grip on the steering wheel. 

For some reason the vibrating gas petal, backfiring engine, and flashing emergency lights in my dashboard made me feel as though my life was in danger. And now I'm back to 15 year old status ~ bumming rides and calling for a lift.

The worst part is the price tag of this repair. I already have an $88 bill and that was before they even looked at the car!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nail Nazi

Admittedly, I am addicted to acrylic nails.

Ironically, I hate going to the nail salon as it is usually a somewhat painful, awkward, and boring process.

This evening I got my nails filled by an entire cast of Koreans {as usual}. The gentleman at the front desk - name tag: "Kenny G" - escorted me to my seat and brought me water while someone else - "Sweet T." - worked on my nails. And the guy next to our nail station - "Ocho" - carried on a conversation with me throughout my time there.

How does that work? Am I also allowed to go by any random word in the dictionary? How would people at work respond if my nametag read "Sexy B8"?

I also happened to be amongst an entire wedding party with a FULL cooler of wine and beer in tow getting their "nails did." Somehow I let the Bride convince me to get purple nails - for some reason I felt bad telling her she had terrible, awful, tacky dissimilar taste. Instead I stayed silent and came home with ten glowing, lavender fingernails...

That I promptly re-painted. Totally moola well spent, right?

Anyway, the whole night made me yearn for a good laugh. Click and Enjoy! 

Nail Salon - Anjelah Johnson - Comedy Time

Monday, May 17, 2010

Saving Days

I have become quite the hoarder. With my Vacation Days that is.

How pathetic is it that we are forced to schedule fun into our life. And then feel guilty doing it.

For some reason I get all nervous about using my days. Not sure what I'm saving them for, but I just don't want them to be all gone! 

So far I have scheduled in all but 3 measly days off. I only have 3 days left to do as I please.
Then I have to remind myself that I have fun fun vacations planned. Get me to the beach asap ~ I need a drink and a tan with some of my best friends!

And trust me ~ I know how to fit in some relaxation ;)


Anyone else this crazy or is it just me?!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Talbot in Training

This past Saturday I ventured into Talbots to buy my mom's fabuloso Mother's Day gift.

My confidence was already pretty high because I got compliments on my dress that happens to be from last year in Starbucks, Joseph Beth, and a little boutique down the road all prior to my Talbot's experience. However, Talbots made me feel even more like a super model. Literally.
 Lilly Pulitzer Marcella Tunic Dress

An adorable 50ish year old lady helped me select the perfect gift for my mom based on all the descriptions I gave her. She even allowed encouraged me to indulge in some jewelry for myself after I was so impressed with the store's new selection. Their stuff was a lot trendier and looks like it is suitable for a much younger audience than I envisioned. It was all what I would describe as perfect work appropriate attire.

However, I snagged these cute jewelry work attire here. Instead, I went for totally frivolous items that cannot be worn in the office. Too bad I don't really have a social life.

Cabochon bead ring

By the end of my time in the store, I received a business card from the store manager and an invitation to "call her for drinks" as well as an invite from the associate who helped me asking if I would be interested in modeling in their store fashion shows. HA!

I had a little laugh to myself as I left the store. Who would have ever thought I'd walk out of there with a potential new career confidence booster? But, I'm totally doing it! The shows are on Saturday's and there are definite incentives...and possibly new friends waiting to meet me!

Then, today in the mail I got a handwritten letter from my new 50 year old associate friend saying what a pleasure it was to meet and work with me. And that she'll be contacting my agent me soon about the fashion show details. 

So random but I can't wait! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Early Retirement

Ok, work's been fun, but I'm ready for summer break. Oh wait, I never again get a summer?

Forget that.

I'm ready to "retire" and have kids.

Have I mentioned what an awesome stay-at-home mom I would be? We're talking dinner every night, PTA involvement, and mega carpools.

Maybe I should put out an add since {attractive, honest and driven} single men are getting snatched off the market like crazy these days.

Did I mention I can also scrapbook. And make a mean loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. Any takers?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Unlocked In

In the 10 days I have been in the new condo, I have somehow managed to put my life in danger multiple times already. 

I come home to an empty condo, securely lock the door, do a quick check for anything out of place, and sit {in silence since we don't have cable yet} while waiting for my roommate to get home.

Upon her coming home, she has on multiple occasions, brought my keys in with her as she enters.

Apparently I cannot remember to take them out of the door lock when I come home. Why do I even lock the door? How hypocritical of me!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!

Today is the 23rd Anniversary of my mom having the most wonderful daughter on earth! =)

Just kidding, mom! Apparently you also have the funniest kids around...

But seriously, you are the best! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed our weekend together and our fun afternoon at the movies as much as I did {although I thought I would be making a Mother's Day sacrifice at the movies, I am totally surprised that I loved Iron Man 2}.


I am so grateful to have a mother that is such a great secret keeper. Growing up I always felt so comfortable telling you embarrassing things and knowing that friends and neighbors {or even dad} wouldn't be hearing my issues later. I think this was especially noticeable because many of my friends' parents did not show their children the same respect.

I have such fond memories of days out ~ whether at the toy store with the giant slide entryway, or fun at "Kids Zone" {where Candace instilled a permanent fear of warts in me}, to riding around in the shopping cart at the grocery and always begging for junk from the machines on the way out.

I am so grateful for your unconditional love. I know that no matter what you will support me 100%.

  I definitely take after your sense of humor and creativity {and your ability to fall asleep during movies in record time}. You are so smart and the most caring person. It is no surprise to me that you are the only one at your work who makes sure everyone's birthday is recognized at the hospital. 

Thank you, Mom, for all you do. I cannot even begin to understand or list all of the many sacrifices you have made for us and I am so grateful. 

I love you always,
p.s. I know I owe you pictures from today ~ I swear I'll get them to you :)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reason to Celebrate

I am officially all settled into the new condo. I love it.

Our older neighbor, Doris, already gave us a tour of her place and welcomed us to the neighborhood with a beautiful pot of flowers. She is nothing short of adorable. And slightly nosy, but that makes her even more cute. If she went to college, I have no doubt she would have been a total sorority girl. She had on a polo sweater yesterday and she can gossip as good as the next.

I also love all the space we have. I have the master bedroom with two closets and an attached bath. Loves it!

And having someone to relax and get my mind off work in the evenings is so enjoyable.

Tonight me, my roommate, and a friend all went to Qdoba for dinner to "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo and then we came home to have dessert on our screened in porch {another thing I am totally loving}.

I'm sure many of you don't realize this, but Cinco de Mayo is not actually celebrated in Mexico. This was told to me by a Mexican at work. And then confirmed by a Venezuelan on my team.

Therefore, it was totally appropriate for us to celebrate this fake Mexican holiday with fake Mexican cuisine. Either way, it was Delish.

Pictures of the new place to come soon...including the AstroTurf adorable patio.

Happy Cinco de Mayo - or Happy Hump Day - whichever is more meaningful to you :)