Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TV show reviews by yours truly.

I have recently started DVRing more television shows than usual. I love having a collection of shows to watch on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Here is what I've been watching:

Brothers & Sisters
Hollywood.comNo secret here - I love this show! I am so inspired by the strong, womanly character Sally Fields plays (Nora), and I am secretly jealous of the love and drama that results from their large family. It doesn't fail - every episode nearly brings me to tears and then succeeds to make me laugh.

American Idol

J.Lo and Steven Tyler are pleasantly surprising me this season - almost as much as this round of contestants! I usually skip the results show, and just enjoy the singing on the Wednesday night show. Loves it and wish I could sing. I know my voice is good alone in the car, but for some reason it never sounds good in front of others... ;)

Bethenny Ever After
From Bethenny & Jason's first road trip where they forgot the baby's crib and "breast friend" breastfeeding pillow, to their role playing at the bar while Jason "flaunted" his ability to pick up chicks, I am obsessed with this couple. Although Bethenny is slightly crazy, I cannot get enough of her - she totally cracks me up! I wish I were so effortlessly funny!

Tori & Dean
Tori Spelling with husband Dean McDermott and their children
New season starts April 6th and I just cannot wait! I adore this couple and their precious children. Apparently I love watching attractive, unstable famous women...

Any good shows I'm missing? What are your favorites at the moment?

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

longer days ahead.

I distinctly remember when I was little, every year my dad would say how much he loved when the days started getting longer.

I never understood, because for me it meant going to bed before it was really dark outside. Not fair.

Now, I completely understand.

It is so lovely to leave work when it is still light outside. The days seem so much more productive and I have so much more energy after a long day at the office.

Southern Charm and I took advantage of the weather today with a 4.5 mile run outside.

The sunshine has also made me crave kool-aid. Yes, I'm 24 and I still drink red kool-aid and enjoy sprinkles on my fro-yo.

In addition to running outside and fruity beverages, I am so looking forward to flip-flops, patio dining and keeneland season!

What is your favorite thing about spring?