Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm still case you were concerned.

So, I haven't posted in almost a month because I realized I was the only one reading my blog. However, I find it somewhat therapeutic to write my feelings, so I'm going to continue updating...for myself.

Here are some random thoughts and recent happenings:

- I got on the elevator this morning and rode all the way to the top floor before realizing I didn't push any buttons. When everyone got off at the top except for me, they looked confused as to why I was riding the elevator up and down for fun.

- I got my haircut last weekend and think it may be the best haircut I've had in years. I LOVED the hairstylist. She's young, energetic, easy to talk to, and most importantly gives input and suggestions on hairstyles. I showed her several pictures and she adapted them perfectly for my hair type. Added bonus: I can shower and get ready now in about 45 minutes because I have a lot less hair to control style.

-While on the elevator, prior to embarrassing myself, the woman next to me was giving me mad props on said haircut.

- I gave a big presentation at work today and received many compliments on that as well. I'm so excited that it went well because I'm still uncomfortable with certain many aspects of my job. However, I've decided I may like the attention of public speaking. It brings me back to my college campus tour guide and sorority president days. Ah, the glory days...

- I am currently obsessed with frozen yogurt with sprinkles on top. I know sprinkles are for 5 year olds. Don't hate.

- It got cold so fast here! Unfortunately, I don't have any fall/winter clothes in my apartment. In particular, a jacket would be nice. I guess I need to go shopping...oh darn.

- I have learned to appreciate time with my friends so much. I hung out with my friend and her family last night and laughed several times until I was nearly in tears. I miss giggling more often with girlfriends. There's not much to giggle about when home alone.

- I miss seeing my brother play soccer. Last season I went to every home game except for one, and this year I have only been able to make it to one total.

- I have rekindled my love for scrapbooking. I have to pace myself now though because my life is a lot less eventful and I don't want to run out of material to scrapbook about.

- Upon moving to this grand new state, I thought the water tasted awfully funny. Suspicions were confirmed when I read this week that water here is among the top 10 dirtiest places for drinking water. Every time I take a gulp I'm consuming 92 contaminants. Swell.

- I'm pumped about the new season of Desperate Housewives. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to watch Sunday's episode on my DVR yet...and it's Wednesday.

- Also obsessed with Project Runway. Heidi Klum may be one of the prettiest people alive. However, this season's talent seems to be lacking a bit...Still an amazing show though =)

- I have started drinking coffee...straight up with a packet of grown up am I?!

Ok, that's enough. I'll be back soon for anyone out there that cares. Bueller....Bueller....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day

I'm pumped for labor day weekend, and I don't plan on doing ANYTHING "laborious" other words, I am excited to have friends in town. Tailgating, football games, outlet mall shopping, and firework shows are bound to add up to a great weekend =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I've been at trainings ALL day the past THREE makes for very long days, but I am really looking forward to the long weekend! College football begins this weekend (yay!!), and a group of friends are coming up for the game. Kickoff is at noon, and we want to tailgate beforehand. I suggested having mimosas and possibly brunch type foods/snacks. I'd be happy to recieve any suggestions though. I was thinking of making chocolate chip banana bread muffins or sausage roll-ups...Any better ideas?

An added bonus of training is that I've met new people. I met a guy that just moved here from Boston, and he asked me to dinner next week. I figured I'd better go because you never know who his friends are...I'm beginning to think the best way to meet people is through friends' friends. He talks a LOT so I don't think it will be uncomfortable at all.