Sunday, September 26, 2010

a subtle reminder.

Feeling terribly sick makes me appreciate my good health even more.

Feeling lonely makes me more thankful for my loving network of friends.

Feeling homesick makes me grateful for a comforting home I can return to.

Feeling lazy and lethargic makes me feel proud of all that I can accomplish when I feel well.

It is easy to take for granted all the blessings in your life, until they are missing. I spent the weekend ill on the couch, hibernating for days. Being sick is a great excuse for taking time to rest and ignore the stresses of the outside world.

Instead of dwelling on the "downs" of this weekend, I am choosing to view them as a reminder of how fortunate I am to know the difference...for some may not even know what it is like to miss the better option.

Monday, September 20, 2010

angie's getting maaaaaried!

What a fabulous weekend!

We arrived in Scottsdale on Thursday and enjoyed a nice, long stay in a beautiful resort out in the desert completely surrounded by family and ready to celebrate the wedding of my cousin, Angela. 

Thursday was spent pampering {aka a 4 hour trip to the nail salon ~ just for me and Ang!} and then rushing to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. This was the first time I saw the wedding location, and it was stunning.

Proud mother of the bride, Aunt Cathy, with little Austin & Chandler

We then went to celebrate and eat pizza at a local restaurant. I completely chowed down on one of the most delicious desserts I've ever had - a calzone filled with nutella and topped with ice cream - yummm!

Aunt Cathy, Austin & Cousins (Gina and Christy) with me and Tony
After the rehearsal dinner, I was convinced to go get a spray tan {yes, they re-opened the salon at 10pm for our bridal party}. Just because I was too vain to be the "pasty" bridesmaid, I stripped down and let a woman spray me ~ as I stood there totally naked. So awkward. I cannot believe I actually did that. Despite me totally freaking out, I'm the only one who didn't have trouble with my tan ~ all the other girls suffered from streaking/orange hands/and on an on....I won't say "I told them so..." :)

The boys had a really stressful time the next day...

...while the girls were running around like mad trying to finalize last minute details and deal with stress. 

They say every bride has two major mishaps - I'd say Angie's would have to be the fact that half of her flowers didn't make it past customs {what does that even mean?! They are flowers?! I don't know...} and that Andrew tried to make all the name cards for the reception while "under the influence" and completely destroyed all of them. Luckily, Costco pulled through with rose petals for the flower girls, and I was able to utilize my craftiness to fix the labels. Phew!

And then Saturday ~ the BIG DAY ~ came so soon!

Angie gave us all matching towel wraps to wear as we got our hair and makeup done. I was completely obsessed with my makeup. And my hair. 

And Angie looked absolutely stunning. There are no other words. She was just GORGEOUS!  And so was the entire wedding. 

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour and reception. The dessert table {prepared by my cousin (Angie's sister) Christy, who is starting her own business} and the photo booth were a total hit! My mom was absolutely obsessed with the photo booth ~ as in, she missed the cake cutting because she was in there taking pictures. We also have proof of her in there with strangers...and my favorite quote of the evening...

"I love this thing! It's like a video game that you NEVER LOSE!" 

 Dad getting the little guys ready for a photo booth session...too funny!

I think this is proof that we all had a blast! 

I wish my cousin and her new husband an amazing honeymoon in Italy and an even more joyous life together. It is so obvious that Andrew simply adores my cousin. He is so great with my little second cousins, and my uncle is included as one of his very best friends ~ invited on many a weekend guy trips. In short, Andrew is a wonderful addition to our family and we love him dearly!

Congrats Angie & Andrew! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

hello from sunny scottsdale!

I arrived in Phoenix yesterday for a day of pampering and wedding preparation.

gel nails - check
pedicure - check
spray tan - check
drama - check

Our hotel is aaaaaamazing and the wedding location is beyond gorgeous.

Can't wait for the big day tomorrow!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

friday fun day

In this judge-free zone called the world wide web, dare I admit that I am looking forward to a day with the crazy "Coney Carnies"  tomorrow?!

Free lunch, giveaways, funnel cake, games, rides, and a half day out of the office.

A Friday full of playful games among co-workers is sure to be an awkward good time. It may come as a surprise to many, but the people I work with are darn competitive. I'm on the Trivia Team. And I'm terrified. My worst fear would be if we have to answer questions individually...pray for teamwork...pray for group answers. Amen.

On another good note, I don't have to plan an outfit for tomorrow because we all have matching really short, strange fitting belly t-shirts. 'Nuff said. Go pink team!

May your Friday be fun in its own way as well!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

older, wiser...and still have a lot to learn!

Cincinnati - Cincinnati Skyline

I am on a committee at work that welcomes and serves as a resource for new hires at the company.

Tonight we hosted our first event - a rooftop BBQ. The weather was gorgeous, the attendance was great, and the food was delicious.

However, I am shocked that I am now the "mentor" to these new hires. 

They all looks so so little. And were so wide-eyed and nervous. Where did the last year go?! That was me just a short time ago!

And yet, at the same time, the event was hosted in a part of town where I have never been. I socialized with more people my age than I have during my entire year of work.

There is so much to offer in this city and I feel like I am just now getting my feet wet. And that is exciting. I'm really starting to enjoy it here.

I can't wait to explore new things with these new friends. And at the same time I am enjoying venturing out with old friends more than ever. 

Cheers to great friends - new and old - and memorable experiences!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

happiness is...

...both laughing and crying on the way to work listening to the radio..."Salute a Soldier" testimonies really get to me before 7am...I cry every time I hear them. They make me feel so grateful because I cannot begin to understand the sacrifices military families make.

...Free Yagoot days. Only available to "Yagroopies" - true story.

...Looking forward to a long weekend after really not being able to tolerate one more minute of working.

...Cooler weather. Finally!

...Dewey's Pizza. Enough said...we all known I'd eat pizza for every meal.

...genuine giggling that leads to tears of laughter with good friends. Anthony & Chelsea, you guys are such a beautiful couple. I enjoy being your "third wheel" more than most of the dates I've ever been on. You are so blessed to have found a best friend in each other, and I hope you continue laughing together - it is truly wonderful to be around.
...Cold Stone Creamery. What a pleasant surprise - the strawberry cheesecake ice cream was delicious! Anthony always comes prepared with a gift card {thanks again!!}.

...Getting 8 hours of sleep! So refreshing.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!