Monday, February 28, 2011

that's what's up.

  • Taking out the trash and washing muffin tins are in the running for worst house chores eva...
  • House/Apartment hunting is a very time consuming, frustrating {and sometimes creepy} burden...but I'm totally obsessing over it lately.
  • I attended the most fun Junior League event to date this weekend. It may sound like bragging if I tell you I hung out with Dhani Jones...but I got to hang out with Dhani Jones. {We won't talk about how I didn't know he was a player for the Cincinnati Bengals before this evening, but whatevs...that doesn't make him "un-famous" just because I'm not a huge football fan :) }
  • I ran 4 miles this weekend {longest run of my lifetime} and it felt good! I'm well on my way to the 10K race I signed up for!
  • My weekends are not complete without episodes of Brothers & Sisters. There wasn't a new episode this week because of the Oscars. Boo. I'm generally not a humongous awards show fan. So kill me.
  • I cannot wait to go home this weekendddddd.....hoping the week flies by!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed...a 10k!! Are you kidding me???? I'm talking to your mom right now...and missing the good ole' days... seeing your dad this week where we're are such an make me proud! xoxoxo Candace