Wednesday, February 16, 2011

happy hump day

At the wise young age of 24, I have a feeling I'm on to something good: 

The key to happiness.

For me {at least for right now} it lies in just three simple steps...

Laugh Often,

 A good laugh really is the best medicine. Even in stressful or moody times, I think it helps to find the humor in life. I especially love laughing at my embarrassing, clumsy, day-to-day awkwardness.

Be Kind to Others, 

Simply put, when I help others I am actually helping myself feel better as well. Happiness is contagious. Spread the love.

and Appreciate the small stuff

I feel so content this week. I've taken time to appreciate a good workout, to get excited about hearing my favorite song on the way to work, to "sleep in" and catch a glimpse of the Today Show as I'm getting ready, and to stroll into the office at 8:15. I hope that even as I get older and my life changes, I can still appreciate these simple things...while still also balancing a love for the "finer" things, of course! ha ;)

Sorry for vomiting rainbows and butterflies in this post. While I try to focus on these happy things, I also realize that on a bad day positivity is the most annoying message to hear! Hopefully you are having a good day instead of the latter!